What is the main advantage to using an electric downrigger?

The main advantage to running an electric downrigger is when it’s time to bring the weight to the surface.

Simply toggle the up switch and walk away – Cannon’s exclusive short stop will automatically stop the lift motor when the weight hits the surface of the water. With manual downriggers, you manually raise the weight by turning a crank handle. Deep water fishing is when you will really appreciate an electric downrigger.

What is Positive Ion Control (PIC)?

This feature is based on the principle that applying a low voltage positive electrical field into the water where you’re fishing will attract fish and increase your chances to catch more fish. Since fish are attracted by a slight positive charge and repelled by a strong positive or negative charge, generating and controlling the correct charge can be critical to the success of your fishing.

With Cannon’s exclusive Positive Ion Control you can change the natural negative field created by the grounded electrical system of your boat to a positive field. More information on how fish respond to electricity can be found in The Secrets of Fishing with Electricity by Ollie Rode.

What is Short Stop?

Short Stop is a Cannon exclusive feature that automatically stops the weight at the water’s surface, preventing the lift motor from raising it into the pulley at the end of the boom.

When the downrigger cable is in the water, a small electrical current flows between the cable and grounded metal boat components in the water. When the cable clears the water, the current flow stops. The short stop system senses this interruption and turns off the motor. The trolling weight insulator is used to break the cable contact to the water while the weight is still in the water. Stopping the weight at water level eliminates the cable strain caused by a bouncing weight or a weight hitting the boom end and it also keeps the weight from swinging into the boat hull. This feature comes on all Cannon electric downriggers and requires the boat to be properly grounded.

What is a Clutch-Brake?

A clutch-brake on a downrigger is essential. On a manual downrigger it allows the user to control the descent of the weight without cranking. Turn the crank handle or clutch knob slightly backward for a slow descent. Turn it further to increase the rate. Stop the weight by simply turning the handle forward again. Should the weight ever get hung up, the clutch system will slip and prevent the breakage of the unit.

What is blowback?

Simply stated, blowback is what happens to the downrigger weight when you pull it through the water behind your boat. As your speed increases, so does the horizontal distance between the weight and your downrigger. The faster you go, the farther the weight is behind you. The farther the weight is behind you, the shallower the weight is.

For example, if you are trolling @ 4 MPH with an 8 pound weight and you have 100’ of cable in the water; the downrigger ball is actually at a depth of 80’.

Why would I need a stainless steel spool?

Many saltwater anglers want to run monofilament or superline instead of cable. Plastic spools can break when spooled with these types of line, so all of Cannon’s Tournament Series downriggers come with a stainless steel spool.

What are the advantages to having a downrigger spooled with monofilament?

First, cable tends to act like a long guitar string when it’s pulled through the water, creating an audible hum that can spook fish. Mono runs silent when pulled through the water.

Second, kingfish anglers like the ability to quickly cut their downrigger line if a fish makes a run toward it, to prevent them from losing it. It is much quicker and easier to cut mono than it is to cut braided stainless steel cable.

Will short stop and positive ion control function if I re-spool my Cannon downrigger with monofilament or braided line?

No, both of these features rely on the stainless steel cable to conduct an electrical current into water. Since monofilament and superlines will not conduct an electrical current, these features will not function when the downrigger is re-spooled with them.